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Week of October 24th, 2013

You Know What to Do & You Know How to Do It

My most recent book is
Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia. It's also available here.

Below is an excerpt.


Beauty and Truth Lab researcher Artemisia had just begun menstruating, and was suffering from debilitating cramps. Massive doses of ibuprofen were not relieving the distress, so she went to her regular acupuncturist, Dr. Lily Ming, to get relief.

Dr. Ming had Artemisia lie down on the table and proceeded to insert 10 needles in her belly and hand and ear. Then Dr. Ming introduced a treatment that Artemisia was unfamiliar with: She lightly pounded the nail of Artemisia's left big toe with a small silver hammer for a few minutes.

"Why are you doing that?" Artemisia asked.

"It is good for the uterus," the doctor replied.

Indeed, Artemisia's cramps diminished as the doctor thumped, and in the days to come they did not recur.

After the session, as Artemisia prepared to leave, the usually taciturn Ming started up a conversation. Artemisia was surprised, but listened attentively as Dr. Ming made a series of revelations. The most surprising was Dr. Ming's description of a traumatic event from her own childhood.

During the military occupation of her native Manchuria, a province of China, she was forced to witness Japanese soldiers torturing people she loved. Their primary atrocity was using hammers to drive bamboo shoots through their victims' big toes.

The moral of the story: Dr. Ming has accomplished the heroic feat of reversing the meaning of her most traumatic imprint. She has turned a symbol of pain into a symbol of healing.

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Here are links to Youtube videos of a Sacred Uproar performance I did at The Marsh theater in San Francisco. In addition to me, it features offerings from the Shamanic Cheerleaders.

Glory in the Highest, adapted from page 6 of the book

A Spell to Re-Genius Yourself, Part One, adapted from page 80 of the book

A Spell to Re-Genius Yourself, Part Two, adapted from page 80 of the book

World Kiss, adapted from page 69 of the book; also available as a text online

Pronoia's Darkness, adapted from page 61 of the book; also available as an MP3

Unhappy Hour, adapted from page 66 of the book; also available as a text online

Prayer for Us, adapted from page 178

Evil Is Boring, adapted from page 33

Pronoia News Network, adapted from page 64

This Is a Perfect Moment, adapted from page 2


Here are three more videos from the Sacred Uproar at the Harmony Festival

Glory in the Highest

This Is a Perfect Moment

Pronoia News Network

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