Expanded Audio Horoscopes

In addition to the horoscopes that come to you on this website, I create longer, more in-depth audio horoscopes for your inspiration. They discuss themes and cover material that I don't have room to deal with in the written horoscopes.

Get access to them here.

The cost is $6 per reading, with discounts for multiple purchases: $5 apiece for four readings, or $3.75 apiece for 16 readings.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can also access them by phone. The cost is $1.99 per minute. Call 1-877-873-4888.

"I always feel like I know myself better after listening to your audio 'scopes."
-June R., Austin, TX

"Your audio horoscopes calm me down when I'm too manic and pep me up when I'm down."
-Arthur T., Cleveland, OH

"Your expanded horoscopes get more personal and intimate with me than some of my closest friends. Thanks for the loving reflections."
- Ari S., Ann Arbor, MI

"When I listen to your audio 'scopes, my free will lights up." - Alex D., Los Angeles

Click here to hear your expanded audio horoscope for the week.