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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of October 25th, 2018


(July 23-August 22)
Throughout the Halloween season, I encourage you to fantasize extensively about what your dream home would look like and feel like if you had all the money necessary to create it. What colors would you paint the walls? Would you have carpets or hardwood floors? What would be your perfect lighting, furniture, and décor? As you gazed out your windows, what views would you see? Would there be nature nearby or urban hotspots? Would you have an office or music room or art studio? Have fun imagining the sanctuary that would bring out the best in you. Halloween costume suggestion: the ultimate homebody.


WHY IS MY HOROSCOPE COLUMN CALLED ""FREE WILL"" ASTROLOGY? It''s called Free Will Astrology because my goal is to create horoscopes that nurture your free will.

Contrary to what some horoscope fans believe, there''s no such thing as predestination. Fate is a tricky, wiggly sucker that keeps changing its mind about where it wants to go. The stars may impel, as the astrological saying goes, but they don''t compel.

That''s why I''ve never considered myself a fortuneteller. I prefer to think that my greatest service is as a psychic intelligence agent, helping you expose the hidden patterns and unconscious forces that may be affecting your life without your knowledge.

If I ""predict"" anything, it''s not so much the future as the unknown part of the present.

And if you ever want more than the ''scopes you''re reading here, keep in mind that every week I also create EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES for you. They''re four-to-five-minute meditations on the current state of your destiny.