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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of November 12th, 2015


(July 23-August 22)
In the coming weeks, take special notice of the jokes and humorous situations that prompt you to laugh the loudest. They will provide important clues about the parts of your life that need liberation. What outmoded or irrelevant taboos should you consider breaking? What inhibitions are dampening your well-being? How might your conscience be overstepping its bounds and making you unnecessarily constrained? Any time you roar with spontaneous amusement, you will know you have touched a congested place in your psyche that is due for a cleansing.


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Meditate naked under a waterfall.

Relive the last day of your childhood.

Sip the tears of someone you love.

Rebel against your horoscope.

Create a luxurious orphanage in Romania.

Pick blackberries in the rain.

Feel sorry for a devious lawyer.

See how far you can spit a mouthful of beer.

Give yourself another chance.

Dream of stealing the peaches of immortality from a dragon guarding Plato's cave.

Write a love letter to your evil twin during a lunar eclipse.

Sing the first song you ever heard.