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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of November 26th, 2009


(August 23-September 22)
It's not just our era that has a tormented relationship with time. Many cultures have been frustrated by its tyranny. During France's July Revolution in 1830, for instance, rebels shot guns at public clocks. While I think that's too extreme for you, I do recommend that you perform a ritual to empower yourself as you wrestle with the passage of the hours and days and weeks. How about smashing a cheap alarm clock with a hammer? Or spending an entire day without ever referring to a timepiece? Or taking ten deep breaths as you imagine you're inhaling eternity and exhaling the grinding tick-tock? It's a perfect moment to claim more freedom from temporality.

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What if the Creator is like Rainer Maria Rilke's God, "like a webbing made of a hundred roots, that drink in silence"? What if the Source of All Life inhabits both the dark and the light, heals with strange splendor as much as with sweet insight, is hermaphroditic and omnisexual? What if the Source loves to give you riddles that push you past the boundaries of your understanding, forcing you to deepen your perceptions and change the way you think about everything? Close your eyes and imagine you can sense the presence of this tender, marvelous, difficult, entertaining intelligence.
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