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Week of December 21st, 2023

Sneak Peak at the Big Picture of Your Life

What are the three miracles
that are most likely
to happen to you?

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Want to get a head start on your future? This week my EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES offer you a sneak-peek at some major themes I think you'll be working and playing with in 2024.

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Beginning with next week's EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES, I will devote three consecutive weeks to an in-depth discussion of your long-range outlook for the coming year.

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1. "When I grow up," wrote Ramona McNabb, "I want to be a river." What impossible magnificence would YOU like to be when you grow up?


2. "When nothing's working, it might be a cosmic conspiracy to get you to experiment," said Caroline Casey. Try out this theory.


3. In the Beauty and Truth Lab parlance, "Über-fun" (always capitalized) refers to righteous delight that inspires you to shed limiting beliefs, thereby making you trickier, smarter, kinder, and wilder. Go out and have some Über-fun, then report back.


4. Seventeenth-century philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said this: "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Talk about how this applies to you, or to someone or something you care about.


5. Everywhere you go, visualize yourself being accompanied by three great warriors who're dedicated to your well-being.


6. Write a love note to the person you love best or to the person you want to love best.


7. What's the single most important question you'd like to resolve before you die many years hence?


8. What would you have to do in order to keep getting smarter and smarter?


9. Describe how you've fought off the seductive power of trendy cynicism without turning into a gullible Pollyanna.


10. Eckhart Tolle says this: "The most powerful starting point for any endeavor is not the question 'What do I want?', but 'What does Life (God, Consciousness) want from me? How do I serve the whole?'" Try this, then report back on how it worked.


11. "Each person is a story that the Soul of the World wants to tell to itself," says storyteller Michael Meade. What does that Soul want to say through you?

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Mirabilia n. strange amazements, rare delights, friendly shocks, sweet anomalies; eccentric enchantments, unplanned jubilations, sudden deliverance from boring evils; from the Latin *mirabilia*, "marvels."

* The National Center for Atmospheric Research reports that the average cloud is the same weight as 100 elephants.

* "The average river requires a million years to move a grain of sand 100 miles," says science writer James Trefil.

* There are about nine million people on earth who were born the same day as you.

* Robust singing skill is correlated with a strong immune system in songbirds. Male birds with the most extensive repertoire of tunes also have the largest spleens, a key measure of immune system health.

* Bali has 80,000 temples.

* Because half of the world's vanilla crop is grown in Madagascar, the whole island smells like vanilla ice cream.

* Some piranhas are vegetarians.

* In an apparent attempt to raise their volume above the prevailing human din, some nightingales in big cities have learned to unleash 95-decibel songs, matching the loudness of a chainsaw.

* The 5.5 million people who live in Papua New Guinea speak 820 different languages, or one per every 6,707 people. Two villages within an hour's walking distance of each other may use utterly different tongues.

* Thirty-eight percent of North America is wilderness.

* There is a statistically significant probability of world-class athletes and military leaders being born when Mars is rising in the sky.

* In the pueblos of New Mexico, bricks still measure 33 by 15 by 10 centimeters, proportions that almost exactly match those of the bricks used to build Egypt's Temple of Hatshepsut 3,500 years ago.

* In hopes of calming flustered lawbreakers, Japanese cops have substituted the sound of church bells for sirens on police cars.

* Scientists believe they'll eventually be able to figure out why cancer cells are virtually immortal, and then apply that secret to keeping normal cells alive much longer, thereby dramatically extending the human life span.

* In the Hindu epic the Mahabharata, the hero and heroine fall in love without ever gazing upon each other, simply by hearing tales about each other's good deeds.

* Your body contains so much iron that you could make a spike out of it, and that spike would be strong enough to hold you up.

* Very few raindrops are actually raindrop-shaped. A far greater number take the form of doughnuts.

* Twelve percent of the population believes that Joan of Arc was Noah's wife.

* Clown fish can alter their gender as their social status rises.

* The closest modern relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex may be the chicken.

* Bluebirds cannot see the color blue.

* Kind people are more likely than mean people to yawn when someone near them does.

* Bees perform a valuable service for the flowers from which they steal.

* All the gold ever mined could be molded into a 60-foot bust of your mom.

* The moon smells like exploded firecrackers.

* A piece of paper can never be folded more than nine times.

* Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.

* The most frequently shoplifted book in America is the Bible.

* "I always turn to the sports page first," said Earl Warren, former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. "It records people's accomplishments; the front page, nothing but man's failure."

* In his book *The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead*, physicist Frank J. Tipler offers what he says is scientific proof that every human being who has ever lived will be resurrected from the dead at the end of time.

* In the Ukraine you can buy Fat in Chocolate, a food with a layer of dark chocolate covering a chunk of pork fat.

* French author and statesman André Malraux asserted that Jesus Christ was the only anarchist who ever really succeeded.

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