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Week of July 21st, 2022

What questions should you be asking?

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What questions should you be asking?

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Dream author Robert Moss wrote all the words in this section: Long before Europeans arrived, the People of the Longhouse, or Haudenosaunee, taught their children that dreams are the single most important source of both practical and spiritual guidance.

The first business of the day in a Haudenosaunee village was dream-sharing, as dreams were messages from the spirits and the deeper self. They might contain guidance for the community as well as the individual.

The early Haudenosaunee believed that in dreams, we routinely travel beyond the body and the limits of time and space, can visit the future or the past, and may enter the realms of the departed and of spiritual teachers on higher levels.

The ancient teaching of the Haudenosaunee people is that dreams also reveal the wishes of the soul, calling us to move beyond our ego agendas and the web of other people’s projections into a deeper, more spirited life.

In dreams we also discover where our vital soul energy may have gone missing—through pain or trauma or heartbreak—and how to get it back.
The early Jesuit missionaries marveled that the Haudenosaunee would make life-or-death decisions on the basis of dream reports.

Read the essay by Robert Moss, from which this post was excerpted:


Robert Moss writes that among the Haudenosaunee people, the term kateraswas means "I dream." It also means, "I dream as a habit, as a daily part of my way of being in the world."

Kateraswas also carries the connotation that "I bring myself luck because I am able to manifest good fortune and prosperity through my dreaming."

The term watera’swo (dream) also means, "it brings good luck."

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My guess is there's no such thing as "enlightenment." No one can permanently own a perfect realization of the nature of reality.

But if anything resembles "enlightenment," it's a visceral sensation of feeling close to all living things, buoyed by an ever-renewing empathy.


"Enlightenment is intimacy with all things."

—Thirteenth-century Buddhist priest and writer Dōgen Zenji


"Holiness is an infinite compassion for others," wrote author and activist Olive Schreiner.

"The soul is awakened through service," said author Erica Jong.

I agree. I say the quest to align one's personal life with the highest good is at least as much about helping to alleviate the world's suffering as it is about attaining a transcendent level of awareness or making pious displays of devotion to a deity.

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