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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of November 4th, 2021


(July 23-August 22)
Our memories are always changing. Whenever we call up a specific remembrance, it's different from the last time we visited that same remembrance—colored by all the new memories we have accumulated in the meantime. Over time, an event we recall from when we were ten years old has gone through a great deal of shape-shifting in our memory—so much so that it may have little resemblance to the first time we remembered it. Is this a thing to be mourned or celebrated? Maybe some of both. Right now, though, it's to be celebrated. You have extra power to declare your independence from any memories that don't make you feel good. Why hold onto them if you can't even be sure they're accurate?


No one knows you better than you do, but maybe I can help you dig up even more self-knowledge. I'm certainly not an omniscient guru, but I do have some skill at inspiring you to be in intimate contact with your inner teacher. Listen to your EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPE.