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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of December 10th, 2020


(December 22-January 19)
Boisterous Capricorn novelist Patricia Highsmith (1921–1995) once made the following New Year's Eve Toast: "To all the devils, lusts, passions, greeds, envies, loves, hates, strange desires, enemies ghostly and real, the army of memories, with which I do battle—may they never give me peace." Right now I suspect you may be tempted to make a similar toast. As crazy-making as your current challenges are, they are entertaining and growth-inducing. You may even have become a bit addicted to them. But in the interests of your long-term sanity, I will ask you to cut back on your "enjoyment" of all this uproar. Please consider a retreat into an intense self-nurturing phase.


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