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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of August 29th, 2019


(October 23-November 21)
Most people who belong to the Church of Satan neither believe in nor worship Satan. (They're atheists, and don't believe in the supernatural.) I think a comparable principle is true for many rightwing fundamentalist Christians. Their actions and words are replete with bigotry, hard-heartedness, materialism, and selfishness: so contrary to what the real Jesus Christ taught that they in effect don't believe in or worship Jesus Christ. I mention this, Scorpio, in hope of inspiring you to take inventory of whether your stated ideals are reflected in the practical details of how you live your life. That's always an interesting and important task, of course, but it's especially so for you right now. The coming weeks will be an excellent time to purge any hypocrisy from your system and get your actual behavior in close alignment with your deepest values.


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