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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of March 21st, 2019


(April 20-May 20)
In the animated kids'' film *Over the Hedge*, ten talking animals come upon a massive, towering hedge they''ve never seen. The friendly group consists of a skunk, red squirrel, box turtle, two opossums, and five porcupines. The hedge perplexes and mystifies them. It makes them nervous. There''s nothing comparable to it in their previous experience. One of the porcupines says she would be less afraid of it if she just knew what it was called, whereupon the red squirrel suggests that from now on they refer to it as ""Steve."" After that, they all feel better. I recommend that you borrow their strategy in the coming weeks. If a Big Unknown arrives in your vicinity, dub it ""Steve"" or ""Betty.""


Take inventory of the extent that ""No"" fills up your life. Notice how often you say or think: 1. ""That''s not right."" 2. ""I don''t like that."" 3. ""I don''t agree with that."" 4. ""They don''t like me."" 5. ""I''m not very good."" 6. ""That should be different from what it is.""

To be clear, I do think a certain amount of ""NO!"" is healthy. It can prevent people from violating your boundaries. It can steer you away from doing things you don''t really want to do. But it''s also crucial to your well-being that you have ready access to big supplies of the invigorating ""YES!""

For help in retraining yourself to say ""Yes!"" at least 51% of the time, tune in to your EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPE.