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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of December 15th, 2016


(January 20- February 18)
Singer-songwriter Tom Waits has a distinctive voice. One fan described it this way: "Like how you'd sound if you drank a quart of bourbon, smoked a pack of cigarettes and swallowed a pack of razor blades. Late at night. After not sleeping for three days." Luckily, Waits doesn't have to actually do any of those self-destructive things to achieve his unique tone. In fact, he's wealthy from selling his music, and has three kids with a woman to whom he's been married for 36 years. I foresee a similar potential for you in the coming weeks and months. You may be able to capitalize on your harmless weirdness . . . to earn rewards by expressing your charming eccentricities . . . to be both strange and popular.


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