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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of July 7th, 2016


(December 22-January 19)
I love writing horoscopes for you. Your interest in my insights spurs my creativity and makes me smarter. As I search for the inspiration you need next, I have to continually reinvent my approach to finding the truth. The theories I had about your destiny last month may not be applicable this month. My devotion to following your ever-shifting story keeps me enjoyably off-balance, propelling me free of habit and predictability. I'm grateful for your influence on me! Now I suggest that you compose a few thank-you notes similar to the one I've written here. Address them to the people in your life who move you and feed you and transform you the best.


I'm also still offering a MID-YEAR BIG-PICTURE PREVIEW -- an audio report about YOUR LONG-TERM DESTINY. To hear it, log in through the main page, and then click on the link "Long Term Forecast for Second Half of 2016."

What are your visions and plans for your life in the next ten to fifteen months? Could you use some inspiration as you mobilize your higher powers? Tune in. (The cost for either the weekly forecast or the long-term report is $6, with discounts for multiple purchases.)

You can also hear a shorter-term forecast for the week ahead by clicking on "This week (July 5, 2016)."

Whether or not you want to listen to those Big Picture audio reports for the rest of 2016 and beyond, you may be interested in reviewing the long-term horoscopes I wrote for you early this year. They discuss your best potential destiny for all of 2016. To see them, go here.