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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of October 23rd, 2014


(November 22-December 21)
You are entering a phase when you will have more luck than usual as you try to banish parasitic influences, unworthy burdens, and lost causes. Here are some projects you might want to work on: 1. Bid farewell to anyone who brings out the worst in you. 2. Heal the twisted effect an adversary has had on you. 3. Get rid of any object that symbolizes failure or pathology. 4. Declare your independence from a situation that wastes your time or drains your resources. 5. Shed any guilt you feel for taking good care of yourself. 6. Stop a bad habit cold turkey.


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Imagine that you have been relieved of your responsibilities for a given time. They will be taken care of by people you trust. You won't have to work to make money during this grace period, but will be given all you need. Nor will you have to clean your house, wash your clothes, or buy and make your food. Now here's the big question: What will you do now that you are free to do anything you like?