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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of August 22nd, 2013


(January 20- February 18)
"I want to be with those who know the secret things, or else alone," wrote the eccentric ecstatic poet Rainer Maria Rilke. That wouldn't be a good rule for you Aquarians to live by all the time. To thrive, you need a variety of cohorts and allies, including those who know and care little about secret things. But I suspect that for the next few weeks, an affinity for those who know secret things might suit you well. More than that, they may be exactly the accomplices who will help you attend to your number one assignment: exploratory holy work in the depths.


YOU NEED MAGIC. Every day, you have to wade through a relentless surge of soul-less information. The experience tends to shut down your sense of wonder.

Every day, you're over-exposed to narratives that have been sucked free of delight and mystery. That's why you have to make strenuous efforts to keep your world enchanted.

I aspire to contribute to the sacred cause of feeding your sense of wonder and enchantment. That's one of my main motivations for offering you my free horoscopes, book excerpts, and music.

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