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Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Week of January 4th, 2007


(February 19-March 20)
"Picture the Grand Canyon," says Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield. "Every hundred years, a child comes by and throws a mustard seed into it. In the time it takes to fill the hole in the earth with mustard seeds, one mahakalpa will have passed. To perfect the virtuous heart--the joy of integrity--takes a thousand mahakalpas." If that's true, Pisces, then you've still got a lot of work to do. However, the planets are aligned in such a way as to suggest you could make unusually great progress toward the goal of perfecting the virtuous heart in 2007. For best results, meditate often on the phrase "the joy of integrity." Get very familiar with the pleasurable emotion that comes from acting with impeccability. And try out this idea from Gandhi: Integrity is the royal road to your inner freedom.

This week and next week, my EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES will feature Part 2 and Part 3 of my long-range, in-depth explorations of your destiny in 2007. Tune in! Start brainstorming about the adventures that could be in store for you in the coming months. (P.S. Part 1 of your Year-End Predictions, which I offered last week, is also still available.)