Praise for PRONOIA

"I have seen the future of American literature and its name is Rob Brezsny." - Tom Robbins, author of Still Life with Woodpecker, Jitterbug Perfume, Another Roadside Attraction, and Skinny Legs and All

"Brezsny's book PRONOIA rotates, something like a Tibetan prayer wheel, around the idea that love underpins being and that it's ours if only we have the courage to take it. If we don't go to this original and endless source, then we inherit the classical hell-on-earth of depression, decay and destruction. Around and around his theme the verbally acrobatic, mystically literate Brezsny lets fly a thousand zingers, each with the feel of having been carved with some poetic effort to express a hard reality instead of a platitude." - San Francisco Chronicle

"With this work -- an instant pop classic -- Rob Brezsny offers a positive, participatory, proactive vision of the workings of our inner and outer universe, which will only give us as much pleasure, love, and ecstasy as we are prepared to accept." - Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head

"While it may seem naive to put your faith in optimism these days, Brezsny's book offers up a convincing argument for leaving cynicism and despair behind. This wild, wise, and subversive book is a must read for those who want to live a more imaginative and free life . . . Rob Brezsny is a Culture Hero." - Utne Reader

"Brezsny holds his own place next to other cultural shamans such as Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Reverend Ivan Stang, William S. Burroughs, and Ken Kesey." - PopMatters

"I dig Rob Brezsny for his powerful yet playful insights, his poetry, and his humor . . . I salute him for his dedication to inspiration." - Jason Mraz, singer-songwriter

"With Pronoia, renegade wizard Rob Brezsny presents an irreverent manifesto, mixing activism and optimism. It reads like the I Ching on Ecstasy and is as insightful and puzzling as a Zen koan. He puts the 'pro' back in 'protest.'" - Body + Soul

"Brilliant! Absorbing! Wildly useful! Rob Brezsny gets my nomination for best prophet in a starring role. He's a script doctor for the soul." - Marisa Tomei, actress

"In PRONOIA, Brezsny tenderly leads us into the practice of re-imagining the world as a compassionate miracle. It's the best campaign platform I've heard in years. And the book offers a bevy of ideas for tricksters to re-create the universe." - Santa Cruz Sentinel

"PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia is like stepping through your very own magic looking glass. These are not your mother's fairy stories, and if you have no desire to learn to laugh at yourself, forget it. Brezsny is a diabolical lyricist, an infectious dreamer, and a riotous Doctor of Know." -

"Like a mutant love-child of Jack Kerouac and Anais Nin, Rob Brezsny writes with devilish humor, spiritual audacity, and erotic intensity." -Jay Kinney, author of Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions

"Like some voluble combination of H.L. Mencken and a Sufi whirling dervish, Brezsny writes with disarming fluidity while still remaining acerbic. In PRONOIA, his style is too sinuous, too wriggly and difficult to classify." - Santa Fe Reporter

"You don't need The Church, a Savior, a Guru, or psilocybin mushrooms to 'break on through to the other side.' Brezsny takes you there in the pages of PRONOIA. It's the best book I've read in the 21st Century!" - Chris Duel, News-Talk 550 KTSA, San Antonio, Texas

"Rob Brezsny writes in a lyrical, irreverent, wildly unconventional and beautiful style. I've never seen anyone else write like that. PRONOIA reminds me of Ram Dass' Be Here Now, and I think it will be as popular." -