Cultivating Holy Desires

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excerpted from the book Astrology Is Real

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Some traditions preach the value of banishing or renouncing or eluding your desires. I don't subscribe to that view.

I prefer to encourage us to cultivate excellent, holy desires. Here are a few I recommend:

• a desire for beguiling riddles and enchanting challenges that excite both our minds and our hearts;

• a desire for allies who enjoy our distinctive idiosyncrasies and eccentricities;

• a desire to attract ongoing encounters with evocative, nonstandard beauty so as to always ensure a part of us remains untamed;

• a desire to help create a world in which everyone gets the food, housing, and health care they need;

• a desire for energizing surprises and unpredictable fun;

• a desire to engage in group collaborations that enhance the intelligence of everyone in the group;

• a desire to keep outgrowing what worked for us in the past and a desire to ceaselessly explore renewed approaches to being ourselves;

• a desire to be playful and imaginative with our libidinous energy;

• a desire to foster and protect the health and beauty of the natural world;

• a desire for revelations and experiences that steer us away from thinking and acting like the machines we interact with so much;

• a desire to keep recreating and reinvigorating our relationships with those we love;

• a desire to steadily refine and expand our ability to learn from non-human intelligences;

• A desire to regularly refresh our quest for freedom and deepen our capacity to be free

• a desire to move our bodies in ways that delight our souls;

• a desire to extinguish bigotry, misogyny, plutocracy, racism, and militarism.

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