Sacred Trails

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Excerpted from the book Astrology Is Real

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It may turn out that the “blemish” is essential to the beauty.

The “deviation” could be at the core of the strength.

The “wrong turn” might be crucial to getting you back on the path with heart.


In light of the hypotheses above, here’s a good question to ask:
“How will the sacrifice I’m enduring make me available for an interesting assignment and unexpected fulfillment in the future?”

A robust affirmation: “Surrender will make me potent in waysI can’t imagine yet.”

A wise warning: Getting premature relief from the suffering might stop you from harvesting the suffering’s deepest lessons.

My wishes for you:

• That your apparent breakdowns mutate into breakthroughs

• That each spiritual emergency spawns a soulful emergence

• That your scary trials lead to sacred trails

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