Love Cues and Clues: Deciphering Love

Listen to this.

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Love thrives when neither partner takes everything personally, so it’s wise for us to cultivate a talent for forgiveness and consistently question our urge to blame.

Love is a game in which the rules keep changing, so it’s wise for us to be crafty and improvisational as we stay alert for each unexpected pivot of fate.

Love enmeshes us in our partner’s unique set of karmic complications, so it’s wise to make sure we’re interested in their problems.

Love is a laboratory where we can uncover hidden secrets about ourselves, so it’s wise to be experimentally curious.

Love is never an idyllic match of perfectly compatible saints, so it’s wise not to let sterile fantasies seduce us away from flawed but fertile realities.

Love is not a low-maintenance machine, so it’s wise for us to do regular detailed work on its unpredictable organic wonders.

Love is not a subsidiary of DreamWorks or Disney, so it’s wise to keep our romantic stories from being infected by the entertainment industry’s simplistic, sentimental myths about intimate relationships.

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