Wishes for You

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excerpted from the book Astrology Is Real

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I wish you torrents of ecstatic empathy and gleeful sympathy. May the planet Neptune conspire with you to rouse these bounties.

I wish you fluidic, kaleidoscopic insights and “ah-ha!” epiphanies that lead to cathartic integrations. May the planet Mercury conspire with you to attract these exaltations.

I wish you the ripening of lucky trends you’ve worked hard to earn, resulting in miracle cures that incite your generosity and spur adoration to flow your way. May the planet Venus conspire with you to galvanize these favors.

I wish you rowdy rambling adventures that inspire you to weave together diverse threads of your destiny, empowering you to claim more of your fully synergized potency. May the planet Mars conspire with you to propel these blessings.

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