Where Does Help Come From?

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excerpted from the book Astrology Is Real

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I get many requests from people who are slogging through challenging dilemmas and would like my personal advice.

I wish I could help! The inquiries are often well thought-out and infused with emotional intelligence. I feel poignant pangs of empathy.

Unfortunately, I can’t respond. My various projects are delightfully consuming; I can’t add further tasks, no matter how interesting they might be. But I’ve developed a response to people who seek my direct input. I offer it below.

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Dear Beloved Champion:

I’m honored that you regard me as a potential helper who might provide answers or solace. But it wouldn’t be responsible for me to offer advice without knowing more about the complexities of your problems. And I can’t give the time necessary to explore those complexities.

As you seek to clarify your situation, I suggest you go on a retreat. During this time of withdrawal from the world’s madness, you would try to avoid all media and to be as silent and relaxed as possible.

You don’t necessarily have to travel to a distant sanctuary. You can do it in your own home. And there’s no need to strive to do the retreat perfectly. Do the best you can.

During the first part of your retreat, spend a few hours visualizing in your mind’s eye the entire story of your life, from your earliest memory to the present moment.

During the second phase of your retreat, establish contact with the highest source of wisdom and love within you. You can call this source God or Goddess or your Guardian Angel or Higher Self. Spend luxurious time in dialogue with this source, making sure to ruminate on these questions:

1. “What is it I want more than anything else?”

2. “What is true about me? Who am I, really?

3. “What is the best way to serve the mission I came to Earth to carry out? What are the best gifts I have to offer people and animals?”

4. “What path will allow me to ultimately learn the most about wise love?”

5. “How do I need to change so as to get what I want, carry out my life’s mission, and learn about wise love? What influences and attitudes do I need to eliminate?”

During the third phase of the process, write a mission statement: what you want to accomplish by the time you die many years hence. Then create an overall plan of the actions you will take to fulfill that mission statement. Include three actions you will take in the next month to get more serious about accomplishing your mission.

During the fourth phase, visualize the following scenarios in lush detail:

• That God/Goddess/Something Very Big and Mysterious and Intelligent loves you

• That the entire universe is conspiring to give you the lessons and blessings and kicks in the ass and liberations you need exactly when you need them

• That you are primed and eager to welcome love and guidance

PS: I’m a big believer in trusting your intuition. Even if it doesn’t lead you to what your ego thinks is a successful outcome, your intuition will inevitably guide you to the experiences your soul needs.

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