Thanks for listening to my audio forecasts for the upcoming year!

I want to add some thoughts about the extraordinary historical moment that we have all been living in since last March—and that we will continue to navigate our way through for at least the next six months.

In my view, the pandemic and its consequences have unleashed a Global Healing Crisis. This unprecedented adventure, this Global Healing Crisis, is charged with both the possibility of breakdown and the opportunity for breakthrough. We have all been given the assignment of rethinking everything we believe and everything we do and everything we think we know.

That's disturbing and disruptive, for sure. But it is also a challenge that has the potential to revivify and reinvigorate us.

At its best, this Global Healing Crisis motivates us to get very clear about what our life's purpose is, and who our most important allies are, and what experiences we need most if we want our lives to be meaningful and fulfilling.

So I hope you have been using and will continue to use this Global healing Crisis to re-evaluate your priorities . . . and to ponder what you may need to transform about your life in order to live with integrity and passion.

I want to offer a set of seven questions for you to ponder as we move through the Disruptive Cure. Ask your Inner Teacher to help you come up with some useful and interesting answers to these questions.

And yes, you do have an Inner Teacher. There is a wise and ancient part of you that can provide you with the inspiration and support and insight you need to make the most out of this difficult time.

I believe that in collaboration, you and your Inner Teacher will come up with answers to seven questions that can be powerful medicine for you.

First question: How might you revise your priorities in response to this time of transformation?

Second question: What major life goal have you not yet accomplished, and how can you rearrange your life so as to make sure it's always a priority?

Third question: What important lesson is this Breakthrough Crisis inviting you to learn?

Fourth question: What beliefs no longer serve you? What ideas that you have in the past been attracted to are no longer useful to you?

Fifth question: How can you give this time of reinvention the concern it deserves, but without hurting yourself with excessive stress?

Question #6: Even in the mist of the pandemic, what can you do to live gratefully and joyfully in the moment and love all the little things.

Seventh question: What practical action plan can you create? How can you get the support and resources you need to carry it out?