Extra Help and Guidance

YOU'RE A GORGEOUS GENIUS, a miracle unlike any other ever created in the history of the world.

And yet you also have room to grow and a lot to learn — like all of of us! There are many mysteries to solve about how to become the most satisfying version of yourself.

For inspiration in carrying out your sometimes challenging, sometimes glorious work, tune in to my EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES. They're four-to-five-minute meditations on the current state of your destiny.

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The cost is $7 per sign online. (Discounts are available for bulk purchases.)

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I also create Sunbursts, daily horoscopes, available as text messages sent to your cell or smart phone.

They're shorter than the written weekly 'scopes, but on the other hand they're more frequent — every day of the week.

The Subursts cost about 57 cents a day if you buy in bulk.

If you think you might enjoy getting regular bursts of inspiration from me to illuminate your adventures, check them out.

Go to RealAstrology.com. Register or log in. On the new page, click on "Subscribe / Renew" under "Daily Text Message Horoscopes" in the right-hand column.

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