As the Fake Reality Dies . . .

I don't know anything about whether any specific political, cultural, or climatic events will happen on December 21, 2012. I'm not that kind of prophet.

What I do know is this: We're in the midst of a Great Awakening . . . a wild and adventure-filled Collective Resurrection . . . a transition that will see the gradual collapse of the Fake Reality and the slow ascendancy of the Real Reality.

When the transition reaches critical mass -- maybe on December 21, 2012, maybe not -- fewer and fewer people will be invested in belief systems, and an ever-growing contingent will thrive on asking questions and keeping an open mind.

For those of us in the latter category -- the Awakeners, the Resurrectioners, the Harbingers of the Real Reality -- we will prize the virtues of curiosity. We will avoid being addicted to dogmatic theories and rigid certainties, knowing that they tend to shut down our fluid intelligence.

We will get a kick out of shedding our own emotional biases so that we can strive to be more compassionately and tenderly objective in our understanding of the ever-evolving truth.

And here's one of the most fun aspects of the mutation we will usher in: We won't need to worry our beautiful heads and hearts about whether any particular prophecy will come to pass . . . because we'll know we have the power to override and render irrelevant all prophecies, as we create the world we want instead of the world we fear.