Brag Therapy

Once every three years, the Goddess authorizes me -- nay, mandates me -- to unleash an uninhibited bout of bragging, egomania, and self-promotion. That moment has arrived. Please avert your eyes if you would prefer to receive my deliveries of rowdy compassion and tricky tips on liberation untainted by exposure to my résumé.

Here's a video of me doing my pagan revival show Sacred Uproar at the Symbiosis Festival in September 2015.


Free! Free! Free! Here are two hours of music and spoken word stuff I've co-created.


Here's the video interview with me by an Italian journalist, made before the world's attention span shrunk down to 30 seconds


An audio interview with me by Justine Toms at New Dimensions


Interviews with me by R. U. Sirius


My essay on "How I Got Started in the Beauty & Truth Business"


Videos of my Sacred Uproar show on Youtube, co-starring the Shamanic Cheerleaders


Someone made a 30-second animated movie summing up my life so far -- in Italian!


Here's article by journalist Damon Orion on my band World Entertainment War

Free downloadable tracks of the band's music

Here's the Wikipedia page about my band

The homepage for my band

Pictures of the band

Raw archival videos of the band
More raw archival videos of the band
Still more raw archival videos of the band
Yet more raw archival videos of the band
And more raw archival videos of the band
More raw archival videos of the band


My Free Will Astrology column is translated into Italian and appears weekly in the publication Internazionale


Free Will Astrology is also translated into French and appears in the publication Courrier International


My Italian Facebook page has 285,264 followers, whereas my American Facebook page has a measly 105,945.

Italian Facebook

American Facebook


Not a New York Times bestselling book, but still good: Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings


Lots of excerpts from my book Pronoia


Here's the book in which I tell the story of my life in the music business and my kidnapping by a Goddess-worshiping mystery school


Does anyone out there have the means and motivation to flesh out the rather perfunctory Wikipedia entry about me?


Here are some of my thoughts about astrology, as quoted in an article by Damon Orion.


My free weekly newsletter

My expanded audio horoscopes

How to get my creations free

My daily text message horoscopes, Sunbursts


My Twitter page

My Instagram page

My Tumblr page


Story about and interview with me on the nationally-syndicated radio show, To the Best of Our Knowledge


Video of my campaign speech


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"I have seen the future of American literature and its name is Rob Brezsny."
- Tom Robbins, author of Still Life with Woodpecker, Jitterbug Perfume, and many more

"Brezsny holds his own place next to cultural shamans like Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, William Burroughs, and Ken Kesey."

“With his book PRONOIA -- an instant pop classic -- Rob Brezsny offers a positive, participatory, proactive vision of the workings of our inner and outer universe, which will only give us as much pleasure, love, and ecstasy as we are prepared to accept.”
- Daniel Pinchbeck, author of How Soon Is Now?

“I dig Rob Brezsny for his powerful yet playful insights, his poetry, and his humor . . . I salute him for his dedication to inspiration.”
- Jason Mraz, singer-songwriter

"This wild, wise, and subversive book is a must read for those who want to live a more imaginative and free life. Rob Brezsny is a Culture Hero."
- Utne Reader

"The verbally acrobatic, mystically literate Brezsny lets fly a thousand zingers, each with the feel of having been carved with a poetic effort to express a hard reality instead of a platitude."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Rob Brezsny, the renegade wizard behind the syndicated 'Free Will Astrology' column, has dedicated himself to putting the 'pro' back into 'protest.' In his book, Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia, he presents his own irreverent manifesto, mixing activism and optimism. It reads like the I Ching on Ecstasy and is as insightful and puzzling as a Zen koan."
- Body + Soul

"Like a mutant love-child of Jack Kerouac and Anais Nin, Rob Brezsny writes with devilish humor, spiritual audacity, and erotic intensity."
- Jay Kinney, author of Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions

"Like some voluble combination of HL Mencken and a Sufi whirling dervish, Brezsny writes with disarming fluidity while still remaining acerbic. PRONOIA's style is too sinuous, too wriggly and difficult to classify, edgy and uncomfortable and literally kick-ass (he advocates the athletic kicking of one's own ass with some regularity)."
- Santa Fe Reporter

"I am deeply inspired by the illuminated words of Rob Brezsny. He is a word wizard for the soul."
- SARK, author of Succulent Wild Woman

"Brilliant! Absorbing! Wildly useful! Rob Brezsny gets my nomination for best prophet in a starring role. He's a script doctor for the soul."
- Marisa Tomei


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