Scorpio Big-Picture Forecast for 2017

Here are several different angles on your possible long-term destiny in 2017.

In August 2012, a group of tourists visited the Eldgja volcanic region in Iceland. After a while, they noticed that a fellow traveler was missing. Guides organized a search party, which worked well into the night trying to track down the lost woman. At 3 a.m., one of the searchers suddenly realized that she herself was the missing person everyone was looking for. The misunderstanding had occurred many hours earlier because she had slipped away to change her clothes, and no one recognized her in her new garb. This is a good teaching story for you to meditate on in 2017, Scorpio. I'd love to see you change so much that you're almost unrecognizable. And I'd love to see you help people go searching for the new you.


In accordance with your astrological omens for 2017, I've taken a poem that Shel Silverstein wrote for kids and made it into your horoscope. It'll serve as a light-hearted emblem of a challenging but fun task you should attend to in the coming months. Here it is: "I've never washed my shadow out in all the time I've had it. It was absolutely filthy I supposed, so I peeled it off the wall where it was leaning and stuck it in the washtub with the clothes. I put in soap and bleach and stuff. I let it soak for hours. I wrung it out and hung it out to dry. And whoever would have thunk that it would have gone and shrunk, for now it’s so much littler than I."

In addition to the written horoscopes you're reading here, I create EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES that further explore your current destiny.

"There is a desperation for unknown things," wrote poet Charles Wright, "a thirst for endlessness that snakes through our bones." Every one of us has that desperation and thirst from time to time, but no one feels the pull toward perplexing enchantments and eternal riddles more often and more intensely than you Scorpios. And according to my astrological meditations on your life in 2017, you will experience this pull even more often and with greater intensity than ever before. Is that a problem? I don't see why it should be. In fact, it could make you sexier and smarter than ever -- especially if you regard it as a golden opportunity to become sexier and smarter than ever.


In 2017, you will have unprecedented opportunities to re-imagine, revise, and reinvent the story of your life. You'll be able to forge new understandings about your co-stars and reinterpret the meanings of crucial plot twists that happened once upon a time. Now check out these insights from author Mark Doty: "The past is not static, or ever truly complete; as we age we see from new positions, shifting angles. A therapist friend of mine likes to use the metaphor of the kind of spiral stair that winds up inside a lighthouse. As one moves up that stair, the core at the center doesn't change, but one continually sees it from another vantage point; if the past is a core of who we are, then our movement in time always brings us into a new relation to that core."

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