Virgo Big-Picture Forecast for 2018

Virgo, here are three different angles on your long-term destiny: my forecasts for you in 2018.

Most of us regard our ring fingers as the least important of our digits. What are they good for? Is there any activity for which they're useful? But our ancestors had a stronger relationship with their fourth fingers. There was a folk belief that a special vein connected the fourth finger on the left hand directly to the heart. That's why a tradition arose around the wedding ring being worn there. It may have also been a reason why pharmacists regarded their fourth fingers as having an aptitude for discerning useful blends of herbs. I bring this up, Virgo, because I think it's an apt metaphor for one of 2018's important themes: A resource you have underestimated or neglected will be especially valuable -- and may even redefine your understanding of what's truly valuable.


Experimental composer Harry Partch played one-of-a-kind musical instruments that he made from objects like car hubcaps, gourds, aluminum ketchup bottles, and nose cones from airplanes. Collage artist Jason Mecier fashions portraits of celebrities using materials like noodles, pills, licorice candy, bacon, and lipstick tubes. Given the astrological configurations for 2018, you could flourish by adopting a similar strategy in your own chosen field. Your most interesting successes could come from using things as they're not "supposed" to be used. You could further your goals by mixing and matching resources in unique ways.

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Have you ever nursed a yearning to speak Swahili or Chinese or Russian? The coming months will be an excellent time to get that project underway. Do you fantasize about trying exotic cuisines and finding new favorite foods? I invite you to act on that fantasy in 2018. Is there a form of manual labor that would be tonic for your mental and physical health? Life is giving you a go-ahead to do more of it. Is there a handicraft or ball game you'd like to become more skilled at? Get started. Is there a new trick you'd like to learn to do with your mouth or hands? Now's the time.

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