Sagittarius Big-Picture Forecast for 2018

Sagittarius, here are three different angles on your long-term destiny: my forecasts for you in 2018.

The blunt fact is that you can't be delivered from the old demoralizing pattern that has repeated and repeated itself -- until you forgive yourself completely. For that matter, you probably can't move on to the next chapter of your life story until you compensate yourself for at least some of the unnecessary torment you've inflicted on yourself. Now here's the good news: 2018 will be an excellent time to accomplish these healings.


I predict that the coming months won't bring you the kinds of opportunities you were imagining and expecting, but will bring you opportunities you haven't imagined and didn't expect. Will you be alert and receptive to these sly divergences from your master plan? If so, by September of 2018 you will have become as smart a gambler as maybe you have ever been. You will be more flexible and adaptable, too, which means you'll be better able to get what you want without breaking stuff and wreaking whirlwinds. Congratulations in advance, my daring darling. May your experiments be both visionary and practical. May your fiery intentions be both steady and fluidic.

In addition to the written horoscopes you're reading here, I create EXPANDED AUDIO HOROSCOPES that further explore your current destiny.

Not every minute of every day, but when you have had the time, you've been searching for a certain treasure. With patience and persistence, you have narrowed down its whereabouts by collecting clues and following your intuition. Now, at last, you know its exact location. As you arrive, ready to claim it, you tremble with anticipation. But when you peel away the secrets in which it has been wrapped, you see that it's not exactly what you expected. Your first response is disappointment. Nevertheless, you decide to abide in the presence of the confusing blessing and see what happens. Slowly, incrementally, you become aware of a new possibility: that you're not quite ready to understand and use the treasure; that you'll have to grow new capacities before you'll be ready for it in its fullness.

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