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My band WORLD ENTERTAINMENT WAR is a benevolent media virus programmed to prevent the entertainment criminals from stealing your imagination.

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"They pack their songs full of enough heady words and phrases to fill a Greil Marcus-style rock critique. But WORLD ENTERTAINMENT WAR reminds us that smart music need not be the prisoner of rock academia. It's a stirring, entertaining band with a smooth, funky sound and a loose, punky attitude . . . They succeed at wresting 'smart' rock out of the critics' hands."
- Gus Stadler, *SF Weekly*

"Calling this music 'smart rock,' as some critics have, does a disservice to the emotional sweep of the music and the ready accessibility of Rob Brezsny's lyrics."
- Joel Selvin, *San Francisco Chronicle*

"All the mystic power of the Zep, but with good will and good vibes. Very powerful singers and thoughtful lyrics. Soul-feeding music. Occult wisdom. Now anthemic fire, now intricate rhythms. Secret Orders take note."

Free downloads of the songs:

Dark Ages

Apathy & Ignorance

Pagan Jake's Dream Girl

Marlboro Man Jr.

Kick Your Own Ass

We Have Ways


YaYa GaGa

Prayer Wars

Love a Million Times

Snake Dance

Break the Law


Purity Test

Get Outta My Head

Furnace of Nuclear Love

In a Crisis

Control Yourself

Telepathics Anonymous

Cooked Intelligence

Triple Witching Hour