A Global Array of Further pronoiac Resources

(excerpted from the revised and expanded edition of
Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia)

In recent years, the doom and gloom prophets have become even more strident and brazen in blurting out their cacophony of curses.

Joining them in the mad rush to shower condemnation on the entire human enterprise have been millions of emboldened everyday complainers who've also become addicted to the sick thrill of chronic rage.

I'm sometimes tempted to view the growing hordes of fulminators as a black magic army flinging hexes and maledictions on everything they see.

But whenever I brush up against that fear, I stop my mind from its careening and refocus my inner eyes. Breathing out the jive and breathing in the love, I survey all the evidence I've been gathering of an antidotal force rising up.

When my book on pronoia first came out in 2005, I felt isolated in my seemingly eccentric invitation to celebrate the glory we're surrounded by, to name the thousands of ways that the universe proves its love for us, to notice all the miracles and help we receive.

But I soon realized that I was by no means a lone crank crying in the wilderness. I became aware of an ever-growing rebel crusade -- swarms of pilgrims and activists and artists and creative optimists who had signed on to the conspiracy to shower blessings, devoting themselves to the work of not just saving the world but making it more beautiful and mysterious and interesting.

I wasn't under any illusion that they were suddenly arising because of my influence. Rather, my sense was that my book was just one symptom of an energy that was awakening in the whole world. I was a current in the flood.

For years, I've been compiling data about other currents in the flood, making them known through my free weekly email newsletter. A Beauty and Truth Lab researcher named Darin Wilson has created a website that is archiving these pronoaic resources.

Please note that when I praise all these purveyors of beauty and truth and love and justice, I do so simply because I like them. My endorsements are not advertisements, and I get no kickbacks.

Let me know about your own nominations for pronoiac resources. I'm at Truthrooster@gmail.com. Go here to sign up for my newsletter.