I Love America: The Song

I'm releasing songs from the soundtrack for my book,
PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia.

This song is called "I Love America."

If you have any trouble downloading the mp3, go here. Right-click the downward-facing arrow. On a Mac, click the mouse on the arrow as you press "Control."

Here are the lyrics:


I love America
I can't help myself
I love America
I don't want to know
What if I love America too much
I have to believe I love America

The government is here inside me now.
The government invades my dreams with telepathy, sorcery, world war harmony.
But I am unafraid.
Is it the president?
President God in person?
Maybe it's the Vice President of Bloody Alphabets.
Or the Secretary of Rosicrucian Coca-Cola.
Their totalitarian love spells purify my sleeptalk, and I am very glad for all they've forced me to learn about crimes that don't break any laws.
The government bestows my beautiful nightmares, and I am unafraid.

I love America
I can't stop now
I love America
I am afraid to find out
What if I love America too much
I want to believe I love America

I dreamed I was with drunken marines in Baghdad chanting "God is love, God is oil."
We rode the roller coaster at the brand new Disneyland and blew up terrorist cartoons with toy bombs made of depleted uranium.
I laughed. I cried. I saved 50 bucks on my next purchase.
My sleep grew deeper and darker, slower and warmer.
I dreamed that I dreamed I had sex by accident with an insatiable CIA priestess.
She made me promise to poison all the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Tehran, then led me straight to the Garden of Eden, which was more relaxing than I ever imagined.
It was a rock and roll paradise where celebrity journalists sang patriotic songs that cleansed my conscience every time another millionaire seized control of America's hearts and minds.
And I got in the mood to give the huddled masses of Afghanistan some cashmere bathrobes and Prozac and magic doughnuts.
I opened up my Bible and turned to the part where born-again Christians in the Pentagon molest the unborn children of Mexican immigrants.

I love America
If it's a crime to say
I love America
I confess I am guilty
I love America too much
I love America to death

I am not afraid.
My nightmares are not just nightmares.
They're purifications.
They're love spells.
They're exorcisms that will eventually mean the opposite of what they seem to mean.
And everything is fine.
Everything is mysterious.

My nightmares predict the amazing death of the apocalypse in America.

I am not afraid

My nightmares predict a whirlwind of sublime chaos and exhilarating confusion that will explode in a conflagration of contagious compassion and liberate us from our self-inflicted suffering.

I am not afraid

My nightmares predict the invention of American supercomputers that will collaborate with the real God to overthrow the fake God.
My nightmares predict healing disasters of genetic engineering that will remove all germs from all money forever, giving rise to a generation of the greatest spiritual businessmen in history.
My nightmares predict that telepathic divas and rebel housewives at the edge of time will out-smart the Chinese dragon single-handedly, making the world safe for multinational narcissism dealers to become sacred advertisers of love and peace forever and a day.

I love America
I love America
I love America
I love America
I love America
I love America
I love America
I love America


Composer and producer: Rob Brezsny
Lead vocals: Rob Brezsny
Back-up Vocals: Adrienne Shamszad
Guitar, bass, production assistance: Josh Brill