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Things don't look right!

In addition to having different colors and graphics, the new, improved has a little more sophisticated technology in it
as well. To see everything as it should be, you'll need a
browser that can support:

  • Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
  • Javascript

Things we didn't use:

  • Flash
  • Java
  • weird plug-ins you've never heard of
  • subliminal advertising
  • eeny-weeny typefaces that only work on one kind of computer

We've tried our hardest to use these features intelligently, and we've
tested the site on a wide range of browsers and platforms to make sure
nothing is breaking. Still, some of you may experience some problems
because you're using an older browser. We're not insisting you use the
latest-and-greatest cutting-edge technology, just the browsers that
are most commonly used these days. So if the text looks funky or the
navigation buttons don't change color when you mouse over them, you
should upgrade to one of these browsers:

AOL problems

AOL users sometimes visit a website and find it's still displaying
older information; for example, you might come to Free Will Astrology
and see last week's horoscopes instead of this week's. This is
because AOL "caches" pages on their servers -- they store a copy
locally in order to speed up the download time.

If you're having this problem, all you need to do is hold down the
shift key while you hit the "reload" or "refresh" button on your
browser. It's also helpful to clear your browser's cache periodically,
since pages are sometimes stored on your own computer as well.

Help with Audio Horoscopes and MP3s

You'll need a separate tool to listen to the Expanded Audio Horoscopes and sound clips from Rob's CDs.

To hear the horoscopes, download a copy of RealPlayer (you can download a free
version, or pay for a souped-up version).

To listen to the sound clips, you'll need an MP3 player. Here's a big list of downloadable players for all different platforms.

How can I email a horoscope to someone else?

The horoscope pages used to have a handy little pop-up window that you could type an email address
into. Unfortunately, this left us vulnerable to spammers, so we had to come up with a different

All of the horoscope pages now have a small form in the top corner; just type your friend's
email address in the form and click the 'send' button. This will open up your email program and
bring up a window with your friend's email address and the URL of the horoscope page already filled
in. You can add your own message and send it whenever you like.

In order for this to work, your browser has to be set up to automatically launch your email program.
To set it up, go into your Preferences and select "Protocol Helpers" (under "Network"), then
select "Mailto" and make your email program (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) the Application.

I want to get on/off the mailing list

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Still Having Problems?

If we haven't answered your question, you can write to us at Please give us a detailed description of the problem (including the page URL, if relevant) and tell us what kind of computer and browser you're using, and we'll try to help.